FRA’s eDiscovery solutions cover the complete eDiscovery life cycle, from data collection and hosting, to processing, reviewing and production. We have the expertise and scalability to provide international eDiscovery services anywhere in the world in order to assist our clients achieve their objectives with compliance, litigation and investigations, while simultaneously complying with the strictest data privacy and protection laws.

Our dedicated team are certified in the latest processes, tools and techniques and are capable of managing extremely short deadlines.

In addition to having permanent offices and datacenters in the US, UK, France, Switzerland, and Canada, FRA offers a mobile solution, a fully agile eDiscovery solution, scalable to handle complicated project requirements, which can be installed on-site independently, or integrated into a client’s infrastructure, anywhere in the world within a matter of days. The mobile solution brings with it cyber security and data leakage protections, as required.

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eDiscovery solutions

FRA’s certified experts guide you through the entire process. We use cutting-edge forensic technology, and the latest techniques to filter the data, and efficiently, defensibly and cost-effectively deliver vital information and evidence on any project.

  • We are experts in handling and coordinating multi-jurisdictional eDiscovery;
  • We regularly advise clients on data protection laws and regulations;
  • We are experienced in both common law and civil law environments;
  • We have datacenters in the UK, the US, Canada, France and Switzerland
  • We offer fully mobile, scalable eDiscovery solutions, to process and review data on site

We work to minimize the resources necessary for review in an investigation by applying industry-leading forensic technology solutions, including pre-culling, deNISTing and de-duplication during processing, and then applying searching and filtering tools, combined with analytic tools such as “email threading”.

FRA’s application of tried and tested technology can get you the results you need and easily pull that needle in the haystack.


  • Collection from all sources: laptop/desktop, network shares, databases, mail servers, hand-held devices, financial and trading systems
  • Pre-culling of collected data increases review efficiency and reduces time and cost
  • Dedicated server to host collected data (US, UK, Canada, Switzerland and France) – on site, when necessary
  • We maintain a fully auditable Chain of Custody to protect against data spoliation.


  • Full data processing, including extraction of metadata, attributes, full text extraction and document indexing
  • Data is housed in a staging area – first level of culling can be applied prior to the review
  • Post Processing – high level culling
  • De-duplication and cross-jurisdictional de-duplication (by custodian, project, media or other criteria) – scope of de-duplication can be changed anytime without the need to reprocess data
  • Data privacy segregation – automated exclusion of private data
  • De-NIST (remove irrelevant system files)

Additional capabilities:

  • Language detection
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Email conversation threading
  • Near duplicate identification


We tailor each review platform to each case.

Groups of documents can be isolated by security permissions, so that multiple parties can access the same review database without compromising each other’s work.

A proportionate approach helps reduce costs of an eDiscovery exercise. To achieve proportionality, we can advise on:

  • Keyword preparation to identify responsive documents, including validation in different languages
  • TAR (Technology Assisted Review) helps focus the review based on priorities
  • Workflow planning to allow documents to be reviewed in the most efficient manner
  • Monitoring of the review

Mobile Solution

Our full service Mobile Solution is an end-to-end eDiscovery mobile processing and review platform, scalable to handle complicated project requirements which can be installed on-site independently or integrated into a client’s infrastructure anywhere in the world.

  • Packable onto a laptop, desktop or server
  • Quick installation on-site anywhere in the world
  • Processes data at the source safely and compliantly
  • Integrates into a client’s infrastructure
  • Captures data from virtually any electronic source

We developed this solution using our decade long experience working collaboratively with corporate clients and law firms in implementing robust data privacy- solutions. We have deployed our mobile solution in countries such as Brazil, Italy, Uzbekistan, Germany, France and China.

Managing Cyber Risks

In industries with highly sensitive electronically stored information, intellectual property or state secrets concerns, we are able to deploy our Mobile Solution in a fully isolated environment, air-gapped onsite or placed behind the client’s firewall.

Our solutions are designed to physically prevent any kind of breach: from IP theft, to malicious user activity. Furthermore, we can apply data privacy segregation protocols from the outset, immediately excluding certain data strands from the eDiscovery process, such as private employee data and sensitive government information.

Finally, our Digital Forensics team can provide vital insight into understanding critical architecture, reconstruct incidents, and devise the most appropriate response and recovery plan.

Key specifications include:

  • Laptop: Processes up to 100GB/24 hours – up to 1TB (1,000GB)
  • Desktop: Process throughput > 250GB/24 hours – standard capacity of 5TB (5,000GB) scalable up to 14TB+ (14,000GB)
  • Server: Process throughput > 400GB/24 hours – standard capacity of 12TB (12,000GB) scalable up to 40TB+ (40,000GB)
  • Processing engine: Nuix, Digital Reef
  • Review platform: Relativity

Technology Assisted Review

Technology Assisted Review (“TAR”), also known as predictive coding, uses the experience of human reviewers whilst leveraging the power of data analytics, enabling the user to flag relevant documents earlier and faster.

The benefits

With the pace at which data has grown in investigations, eDiscovery now easily involves millions of documents. For larger, more complex matters, TAR will soon be seen as the only reasonable way to handle large-scale productions.

  • Eases data review to fewer people
  • significantly Reduces review costs
  • It is a defensible method of review
  • Much more than a keyword search – TAR searches for concepts
  • More consistent and accurate than manual review – especially with a large selection

Our dedicated eDiscovery team are certified in the latest TAR processes, tools and techniques and are capable of managing extremely short deadlines.

Our Team

Greg Mason, data protection expert
Greg Mason, Founding Partner

Greg Mason is a founding partner of FRA and head of its eDiscovery and IT divisions. His expertise lies in database architecture and programming, software design, mass data analysis, data mining, and data forensics for the purposes of investigations, disputes and litigation. After graduating from Radford University in Virginia with a degree in Statistics and […]

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Stewart Coombs, Associate Director

Stewart Coombs is an Associate Director in FRA’s eDiscovery team. He has twenty years of experience providing software solutions in a variety of industry sectors, five years of which are in forensic accounting and eDiscovery. Stewart’s recent experience includes backend and data support to review the trading activity of a proprietary high-frequency trading firm, investigation […]

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Dianne Drummond, eDiscovery
Dianne Drummond, Senior Director

Dianne Drummond is a Senior Director and the head of eDiscovery – Europe. Dianne is an eDiscovery expert with 21 years of experience in the legal sector, including working for both law firms and consulting firms. Prior to joining FRA, Dianne gained extensive experience in the handling of evidence for complex civil and criminal litigation […]

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Andrew Hunniford, eDiscovery
Andrew Hunniford, Senior Director

Andrew Hunniford is a Senior Director at FRA and eDiscovery and data governance practitioner with over 17 years’ experience gained from working on cross-border litigation and regulatory matters. Prior to joining FRA, he spent 11 years as a Litigation Support Manager with Herbert Smith LLP working on multiple cross border litigation, arbitration & white collar […]

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Edward Nkune, law-enforcement expert
Edward Nkune, Director

Edward Nkune is a Director at FRA. He has a UK government background with over 20 years’ law-enforcement experience within the counter fraud arena. Whilst working on some of the UK’s most serious and complex fraud cases, Edward has developed expertise in data analytics, cross-border investigations, cyber security, eDiscovery, and evidence management. Edward has also […]

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Tamara Shubin
Tamara Vitagliano, Associate Director

Tamara Vitagliano is an Associate Director and manages FRA’s global Processing team. She has 15 years of experience in forensic accounting, litigation and fraud investigation, financial services, public accounting, internal investigations and eDiscovery. Prior to joining FRA, Tamara was a Senior Manager of internal investigations at Fidelity Investments, where she was responsible for coordinating and managing […]

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Philip Teel, eDiscovery expert
Philip Teel, Associate Director

Philip is an Associate Director at FRA in the eDiscovery team. He has extensive experience managing teams in the coordination of forensic data collection, processing, de-encryption, data analysis, reporting, document review and production. AT FRA, Philip has managed eDiscovery consulting services for a number of large multi-jurisdictional investigations, the most recent of which had over […]

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