Nabil is a Senior Associate in FRA's Data Governance and Advisory team in the London office. He has over 8 years’ experience in both the UK and ASPAC regions, offering forensic services to support clients in various sectors and their counsel in responding to a range of internal, legal and regulatory matters. He is exceptionally skilled in implementing new reporting technology to generate data landscapes and provide an overview of project statistics to clients.

Nabil’s industry experience includes both SMEs and large enterprises, quickly adapting to client demands in terms of technical and management capabilities. He has experience with acquisition and examining digital information from laptops, mobiles, hard drives, USBs and desktops to support clients recognize potential misconduct. In one engagement, he travelled to Dubai with a team of three and successfully imaged 437 devices within one week to assist the client with data recovery and analyzing digital information to tackle potential misconduct. He has also independently collected data from various devices on the same day in Malta with thorough documentation.

He has carried out several E-disclosure cases from end-to-end, including the initial scoping and collection of data, through to the preprocessing, ingestion, e-review and production of data on several industry leading eDiscovery tools.

Nabil’s skills with complex data include executing data mining techniques and analysis across large datasets to reveal anomalies through search term reporting / optimization, email threading, language detection and keyword responsive analysis. He is able to dive deep into client’s datasets to deliver desirable solutions, making sense of their complex data. He achieves this through data manipulation, providing extra clarity through reporting and visualization techniques.

From experience responding to regulatory queries (including the FCA & SFO) and data production requests for civil litigations, Nabil has strong experience with handling evidence, in-depth knowledge of forensic principles, maintenance of evidence integrity and detailed chain of custody skills.

In previous client matters, he has been a prime contributor in engagement setups through completing clearance questionnaires to determine possible conflicts and setting up opportunities, plus conducting engagement risk evaluations to commence projects.

Nabil has knowledge of multiple accounting processes such as SAP / Oracle Finance through raising and issuing invoices / billing for several projects across the Forensic Technology department.

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