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WWL Investigations Forensic Accountants 2018

Five of FRA’s leadership, Frances McLeod, Toby Duthie, Greg Mason, Derek Patterson and Weng Yee Ng, have been included in Who’s Who Legal Investigations: Forensic Accountants 2018. WWL describes our leadership as: The “outstanding” Frances McLeod is a highly respected […]

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History of our Success

Highland Capital v RBS

February 2010

Highland Capital v RBS

FRA acted for US hedge fund Highland Capital in a case related to a Collateralized Debt Obligation backed by RBS and issued by Highland in 2008. The CDO failed to close because of the economic crash and RBS called in its loan. FRA acted as experts and gave evidence on the way loans and CDOs were accounted for by RBS, who were ultimately accused of holding a “sham” auction for loans that it never planned to sell.

Who We Are

Edward Nkune, law-enforcement expert

Edward Nkune


Edward Nkune is a Director at FRA. He has a UK government background with over 20 years’ law-enforcement experience within the counter fraud arena. Whilst working on some of the UK’s most serious and complex fraud cases, Edward has developed […]

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