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We have over a decade of experience navigating the complexities arising from collecting, processing, analyzing and making data available for review in various parts of the world.

Where data cannot be moved outside of a host country, our full-service global Mobile Discovery Solution offers a scalable end-to-end mobile processing and review platform capable of handling complex project requirements. We developed this solution using our decade long experience working collaboratively with law firms in implementing robust data privacy-compliant solutions.

Multi-national corporations and their counsel have used this solution extensively as an important tool to access the data required to contend with cross-border issues without breaching in-country data constraints or compromising relationships with key stakeholders.

Our Mobile Discovery Solution comes packaged in a laptop, desktop or server (depending on the case requirements) and can be mobilized within days to process and review data on-site anywhere in the world.

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Capacity & Throughput


Process up to 100GB/24 hours — up to 1 TB (1,000GB)


Process throughput > 250GB/24 hours • Standard capacity of 5TB (5,000GB) scalable up to 14TB (14,000GB)


Process throughput > 400GB/24 hours • Standard capacity 12TB (12,000GB) scalable up to 40TB+ (40,000GB)
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What Makes Us Different

Global Data Centers

We have state of the art data centers around the world that meet or exceed Tier III standards in North America, UK, Continental Europe and Canada. Our data centers are secured to the highest of standards to mitigate cyber breach risks.
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Security Confidence

Privilege protections differ significantly from country to country. Privilege asserted on certain documents must be carefully defined according to the rules in the jurisdiction(s) in question, and the eDiscovery processes and controls must be set accordingly. We assist our clients throughout the data governance process to ensure that all privileged data is properly withheld and secured.
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Our Team

Greg Mason, data protection expert
Greg Mason, Founding Partner
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Frances McLeod, Founding Partner
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