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Inspection company – oil-for-food

January 2004

Inspection company – oil-for-food

In April 2004 the United Nations assigned Paul Volcker to research possible corruption in the Iraqi Oil-for-Food program. In his report, Volcker criticized Kojo Annan - son of then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan - and his employer Cotecna Inspection, SA, for trying to conceal their relationship. FRA was instructed to carry out an assignment which involved a review of the performance of the inspection agent under the OFF program, as well as a forensic accounting analysis of all payments to key individuals. Frances McLeod reported to six congressional investigations as well as Swiss federal and cantonal investigations and to the Independent Inquiry Committee established by the UN.

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Tegan Starr, forensic accountant

Tegan Starr

Associate Director

Tegan Starr is an Associate Director in FRA’s London Office. She has over eight years of experience in forensic accounting, auditing, pre and post acquisition due diligence and AML and ABC compliance reviews across Asia, Australia, America, Europe and North […]

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