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Our expertise in complex data analytics, information technology, and data management lies at the core of our foundation. Our Data Analytics team help our clients and their counsel respond to and resolve business critical matters by analyzing and making sense of disparate and complex datasets to deliver insights at speed.

We seamlessly integrate with our forensic accounting, digital forensics, and eDiscovery teams to ensure an empirical approach to solving client problems and offer creative analytical and visualization solutions tailored to client needs.

We specialize in cross-border and multi-jurisdictional matters that require deep expertise and experience in forensic investigations, regulatory compliance and analysis of financial, operational and transactional data.

We take a consultative and analytics-led approach guided by the specific needs of our clients to develop effective, efficient and – above all – practical solutions in identifying, assessing and mitigating risks. Whether it be supporting a regulatory inquiry or implementing forward-looking monitoring capabilities, we provide reassurance to our clients and empower them to focus on value creation for their business.

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Data Collection and Discovery

Our analytics team supports data collections worldwide, following established forensic protocols to ensure the defensible identification, extraction and collection of data. We handle a wide range of information sources including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, proprietary systems, legacy databases, cloud-servers, and other repositories of financial, operational and transactional data.
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Forensic Data Analytics

Our forensic investigators employ a risk-based analytical approach to help global organizations and counsel investigate and respond to allegations of misconduct. This approach allows us to confidently and quickly prioritize the critical focus areas of an investigation by identifying data points that present the highest compliance risks for review. Our team distils insights from voluminous datasets using a variety of analytical techniques and use these techniques to identify trends, unusual patterns and red-flags to form fact patterns and paint a full picture to help assess allegations and quantify risks.
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Financial Analysis

Our experts are regularly retained to support our clients with profit disgorgements, penalty and fines quantifications, damage valuations and ability to pay (ATP) calculations. Our strength in data mining combined with strong accounting knowledge and financial modeling skills means we are able to provide empirical, robust, and defensible analysis, frequently acting as testifying experts as well as consulting experts.
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Compliance and Transaction Monitoring

Using our deep investigative and compliance experience, we help design, build and implement proactive monitoring solutions to capture and distill holistic insights from disparate data sources and look for patterns, trends and anomalies that indicate risks. Results are presented via actionable dashboards that visualize risks across the enterprise with the ability to drill down to transactional-level details.
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Systems Review and Controls Assessment

Whether it is required by an investigation or a compliance monitorship, our data analytics team can inspect and evaluate if a corporation’s systems and IT processes effectively support the controls, policies and procedures currently in place and recommend appropriate remediation measures. Our methodology involves the examination of the entire data flow and system processes to analyze all things from a risk-based perspective.
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Cross-Border Data Governance and Security

We offer extensive multi-jurisdictional data privacy, transfer, and protection expertise in order to assist our clients achieve their objectives with compliance, litigation and investigations. We ensure highest levels of data security through global regulatory compliance with such laws as Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), blocking statutes and banking secrecy.
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In-house Digital Forensics Team

Our Digital Forensics Team support collections around the world following established forensic protocols to ensure the defensible collection and secure transfer of data and forensic analysis.
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Global Reach & Security

Global Data Centers

We have state of the art data centers around the world that meet or exceed Tier III standards in North America, UK, Continental Europe and Canada. Our data centers are secured to the highest of standards to mitigate cyber breach risks.

Global Mobile Discovery Solution

Our full-service Mobile Discovery Solution offers a scalable end-to-end mobile processing and review platform capable of handling complex project requirements and can be installed on-site independently or in a client infrastructure anywhere in the world. For the highest levels of data security, our mobile discovery solution can be air-gapped to restrict any outside access.
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