Jorge is a Manager at FRA in the Forensic Accounting Team with over 8 years' experience in compliance monitorships, investigations, external audit and public finance transformation.

Jorge recently supported the FRA partner appointed by the US Department of Justice to serve as independent compliance monitor for a German automotive engineering firm following its role in helping an automobile company cheat vehicle emissions testing performed by the US Environmental Protection Agency. During this monitorship, Jorge conducted detailed evaluation of the company's technical compliance environment and assessed the transformation and enforcement of its corporate compliance and ethics program. 

Jorge has significant experience supporting high-scale investigations, including the collection and analysis of financial and accounting data, high-risk transaction testing and interviews in multiple countries.

His experience includes managing initiatives related with the improvement of the financial statements closing process, leading an investigation into the compliance of the total of permanent public employees across multiple public entities according to applicable national legislation, and supporting accounting investigations.

He also built and implemented public finance monitoring tools and advised on the design, implementation and monitoring of two public policy programs relevant to funding agreements with the IMF.

Before joining FRA, Jorge worked at EY for five years where he supported the monitoring and restructuring of the public finances of a sub-Saharan oil-producing economy and conducted financial audits and transaction testing for several companies in industries such as Oil& Gas and Telecommunications. 

Jorge has an academic background in Economics and Business Administration. He is a native speaker of Portuguese and fluent in English, with basic knowledge of Spanish. Jorge joined FRA in October2019 and is based in the London office. 

Authority experience

US Department of Justice (DOJ)
US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Serious Fraud Office (SFO)

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