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FRA and Infinnium Announce Exclusive Agreement to Deliver AI-Powered Data Governance, Privacy and Compliance Solution to EU Market

October 17, 2019

We are pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with Infinnium, a software company delivering innovative solutions to transform information governance and corporate decision-making using artificial intelligence for forensic accounting and related consulting services in the EU.

The agreement creates a powerful combination between FRA's global expertise in forensic accounting and consulting expertise with Infinnium's 4iG platform, the innovative suite of technologies empowering modern data governance and privacy law compliance needs of the enterprise. Both FRA and Infinnium have extensive and global cross-border and cross-sector litigation and investigations experience and working together will offer a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Exponential increase of data volume and types across the ever-growing multitude of siloed applications have combined to exceed organizations' ability to manage data conventionally. Organizations face challenges to identify and organize their data, comply with regulatory requirements, apply policy or process, or optimize its value. Absence of a specifically purposed information governance technology has intensified these challenges for organizations with increased focus and introduction of privacy regulations across the globe.

Infinnium's leading edge 4iG platform provides organizations a technology to help them identify, organize, protect, act on and optimize enterprise data by leveraging a suite of advanced technologies - including artificial intelligence.

Frances McLeod, FRA Founding Partner stated, "We are the first global forensic accounting and consulting firm to offer the Infinnium 4iG suite of information governance technologies and are pleased to offer our clients a modern AI technology platform to address data governance, privacy and protection and ensure compliance with GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield and other data privacy and compliance regulations." She added, "These new technologies will strengthen our ability to enable our clients to streamline processes, reduce redundancies, and reduce risk associated with data management and governance."

The new exclusive agreement is specific to the European market. Harsh Sutaria, Infinnium co-founder and chief success officer shared, "4iG is an advanced technology conceived from the ground up to solve today's very large, very complex information governance and privacy problems for organizations with evolving needs. Information governance strategy has become a core component of overall business strategy - and right now, organizations are actively seeking to meet primary requirements to identify and organize their data in better ways. With 4iG organizations can accurately ascertain what data exists where, assess the risk it carries, and most importantly act upon it." He added, "The EU is leading markets across the globe in terms of governance and privacy regulations, and we are very thrilled to partner with FRA for bringing tremendous value of our powerful and advanced 4iG technology platform to EU constituents."

About Infinnium

Infinnium LLC is redefining the way organizations interact with data to gain actionable intelligence. The company develops software solutions for corporations, law firms, service providers, and others using modern technologies like AI and machine learning to improve business decision-making and information management including IG, compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and other privacy regulations and electronic discovery. The Infinnium team of experts brings simplicity to the complex world of digital data, combining the strengths of people and modern technology to help organizations harness their data and empower them to make smarter business decisions and effectively address today's complex information management needs. For more information visit

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