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GIR: Forensic Techniques to Investigate Emerging Trends

September 19, 2022

The ever-changing economic, commercial and regulatory landscape, along with emerging technologies, has led to an increase in the sophistication and complexity of fraud schemes. It is therefore essential for investigations practitioners to understand these evolving trends, and how to apply existing and new investigative techniques and technology solutions when issues arise.

Global Investigations Review’s chapter on Forensic Techniques to Investigate Emerging Trends explores cryptocurrencies and ESG in the context of fraud and compliance investigations. FRA Partner Jenna Voss and Directors Masako Asaka and Umair Nadeem examine the pertinent aspects of the evolving regulatory landscape and discuss specific nuances, considerations and investigative tools practitioners should consider when conducting investigations in these areas, including examples of how they can be applied.

In the chapter they touch upon:

  • Regulatory guidance and enforcement trends in cryptocurrencies, ESG-related fraud and compliance investigations by the DOJ, SEC and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • Cryptocurrency investigation considerations and the nuances practitioners should consider when applying standard investigative techniques
  • ESG investigation considerations and the increased reputational risk to companies that are held out to be acting irresponsibly

Download the full chapter here.

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