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UK Government's New Net Zero Supplier Policy: What You Need To Know

August 6, 2021

UK Government makes significant announcement in the Green procurement agenda by introducing a new requirement for government suppliers to commit to the UK's net zero target.

The UK Government aims to use its power with the circa GBP 290bn spent on procurement each year to transform the UK economy to net zero and meet its Net Zero 2050 target.

In this insightful piece published in Global Banking and Finance Review, FRA Partner Simon Taylor and Manager Ruth Ellen Pintilie dive deeper into the Procurement Policy Note ("PPN") and share their knowledge on what organisations should be doing, and what the implications are.

Green procurement is only one part of the many developments across the ESG agenda continue to accelerate and this is only likely to increase as governments vie for ESG superiority in the run up to the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November 2021.

Read the full article here:

This article for the Global Banking & Finance Review is an extended version of the original blog post "UK Government Contracts will Require Net Zero Commitment", posted here.

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