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Get To Know - Fabio Ferretti

April 14, 2022

We recently spoke with Fabio Ferretti, Forensic Accounting Manager in FRA's Paris office. Since joining Forensic Risk Alliance, Fabio has been involved in a broad range of expertise including: bribery and fraud investigations, arbitration cases, and the assessment of internal controls and corporate culture in the context of compliance monitorships.

What is the most enjoyable bit of working for FRA and why?

For me the standout reason has to be the diversity and professionalism that everyone across the whole firm brings. To be part of a firm with a group of people that has such a wide breadth of backgrounds and expertise is truly outstanding. I also enjoy the variety of assignments I have the opportunity to work on, from trying to identify the proverbial needle in a (financial) haystack and drafting expert reports for regulators and lawyers to assessing the effectiveness of internal controls, and even evaluate whether executive behaviour and corporate communication successfully shifted a corporate's culture.

What is the best project you have been a part of at FRA?

One of the most interesting projects I worked on is, coincidentally, the one that made me join FRA back in 2016 - namely, the Airbus case. Aside from allowing me to greatly develop professionally, the project also fostered strong relationships between the teams involved.

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