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FRA Announces Promotions of 29 Professionals

January 4, 2023

Forensic Risk Alliance is pleased to announce the promotion of 29 professionals across Europe and the United States, effective 1 January 2023. Each of these talented individuals have demonstrated commitment to excellence, modelling FRA values as they work tirelessly to help the firm and our clients succeed. We celebrate their achievements and look forward to their continued success at FRA.

Congratulations to:

Ashley Esponda, Director, Forensic Accounting (Dallas, TX)

Richard Freeman, Director, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Sharon Hall, Director, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Ash Klass, Director, Forensic Accounting (Montreal, CA)

Laura Bucur, Associate Director, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Kezia Hardingham, Associate Director, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Sofia Martins, Associate Director, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Andrew Petryszak, Associate Director, Data Analytics (New York, NY)

Marcela Pittelli, Associate Director, Forensic Accounting (Paris, FR)

Liz Stone, Associate Director, Forensic Accounting (Providence, RI)

Rim Belaoud, Manager, Data Analytics (Paris, FR)

Kailesh Gadhavi, Manager, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Jaime Jerez, Manager, Forensic Accounting (Dallas, TX)

Elizaveta Korovina, Manager, Forensic Accounting (Paris, FR)

Stefan Oshinski, Manager, Forensic Accounting (Washington, DC)

Jakub Poniatowski, Manager, Forensic Accounting (Washington, DC)

Ruth Blackburn, Senior Associate, Forensic Accounting (Dallas, TX)

Megan Davis, Senior Associate, Forensic Accounting (Washington, DC)

• Leandra Filippi, Senior Associate, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Lottie Gibbons, Senior Associate, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Daniel Gross, Senior Associate, Data Governance (Washington, DC)

Anton Gubkin, Senior Associate, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Shivam Patel, Senior Associate, Data Analytics (London, UK)

Grégoire Pettier, Senior Associate, Data Governance (Paris, FR)

Isabelle Vinter, Senior Associate, Forensic Accounting (London, UK)

Nichole Lim, Associate Director, Marketing (London, UK)

• Aman Gill, US IT Support Lead, IT (Washington, DC)

Peter Israels, Senior Associate Security Engineer, IT (New York, NY)

Renée Moore, Office Manager and DEI Coordinator, Operations (Washington, DC)

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