of the top 15 FCPA profit disgorgement cases
of the top 15 FCPA settlements
Currently retained in relation to 9 different US DOJ compliance monitorships
We combine forensic accounting and investigative experience with cutting edge data mining technology to help our clients effectively handle cross-border investigations, litigation and compliance objectives.

Unlike traditional accounting firms, we operate purely in the forensic space and generally have no conflicts. We counsel clients involved in disputes, anti-corruption enforcement responses, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF), audit negligence, damage valuations and penalty calculations. We are experts in analyzing large, complex transactional data sets, with experience working on projects encompassing decades of data and money flows.

We have delivered critical evidence to regulators and clients that rely on our experience in complex, long-tail transactional analysis, Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) investigations, disputes, regulatory probes, disgorgements, sanctions, debarment, AML and terror financing cases.

Our highly skilled and sophisticated leaders and team members are forensic accountants, former investment bankers, financial and data analysts, legal and litigation support professionals, database architects, electronic discovery and collection experts, software engineers, and certified computer examiners.

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International Recognition & Credibility

As internationally recognized specialists in multi-jurisdictional investigations, we bring a high level of confidence to clients facing serious issues by providing clear, robust, and candid advice that is trusted by clients, regulators, courts, and enforcement agencies.
Our leaders and team members include professionals with regulatory body and law enforcement agency experience including individuals who have worked for the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO), US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
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Our Team

Drew Costello
Drew Costello, Partner
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Stacy Fresch, forensic accountant
Stacy Fresch, Partner
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Emma Hodges fra, forensic accountant
Emma Hodges, Partner
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Neil Keenan
Neil Keenan, Partner
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Yousr Khalil, forensic accountant
Yousr Khalil, Partner
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Charlie Patrick
Charlie Patrick, Partner
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Derek Patterson
Derek Patterson, Principal
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Jenna Voss
Jenna Voss, Partner
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Trevor Wiles
Trevor Wiles, Partner
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Rik Workman, Partner
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