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14 FRA experts recognized in Who’s Who Legal: Consulting Experts 2022

November 30, 2022

Since 1996, Who’s Who Legal has identified the foremost legal practitioners working in the field of investigations. Their work spans a wide range of issues in white-collar crime, corporate compliance and regulatory enforcement. In this chapter, they highlight seasoned forensic experts with vast accounting expertise in complex investigations, and present awards to individuals and firms that have performed exceptionally well through their research.

Amongst these, fourteen of FRA’s Leadership have been included in the renowned Who’s Who Legal: Consulting Experts 2022.

Who’s Who Legal said of FRA’s Forensic Accounting and Digital Forensics Experts:

Toby Duthie – “Creative and results-oriented” Toby Duthie is “always the first choice for any forensic expert needs” compliment market commentators.

Drew Costello – Drew Costello is widely described as “a great accountant investigator” with peers adding that he is “practical, smart and detail-oriented”.

Yousr Khalil – Yousr Khalil is held in high regard by sources who note her “tireless devotion to uncovering the facts”, highlighting that she “deserves special recognition for her outstanding work”.

Greg Mason – Greg Mason “always produces high-quality work” and has very “strong attention to detail in sophisticated cases”.

Frances McLeod – Frances McLeod is “an excellent leader, abreast of industry trends”.

Weng Yee Ng – Weng Yee Ng comes highly recommended as “a fantastic forensic investigator” and her “attention to detail is outstanding, as is her final work product”.

Charlie Patrick – Charlie Patrick is a distinguished forensic accountant who stands out for his immense experience working for UK based and global companies across a range of industries.

Derek Patterson – Derek Patterson is widely recognised in the market for his “top-tier forensic accounting practice” and “excellent work output within a great team”.

Alison McCaffrey – Alison McCaffrey has experience working in forensic accounting, investigations, disputes, contract compliance and licensing reviews.

Stacy Fresch - Stacy Fresch is "an impressive forensic expert" who has "deep technical knowledge" and "expertise in financial restatements"

Stephen Millington – Stephen Millington’s methodical approach to solving complex financial problems through unravelling all of the relevant issues in a clear and straightforward manner enables clients to seek the most effective resolutions and ultimate recovery of funds.

Rik Workman – Rik Workman is “part of a great team” praise sources who note that he stands out for his unmatched expertise in anti-bribery and corruption investigations.

Jenna Voss – Jenna Voss comes highly recommended by sources for her incisive handling of complex forensic accounting matters across a range of jurisdictions.

Emma Hodges – Emma Hodges is hailed as a “go-to” expert thanks to her vast experience of providing top-tier forensic analysis in multi-jurisdictional investigations.

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