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The Role of Compliance Data Analytics in Monitorships

May 22, 2024

Global regulators are emphasizing the use of data analytics by organizations to ensure high-performing, targeted, and risk-based compliance programs. Monitors will assess whether companies adequately employ data analytics to manage, process, and analyze data to identify relevant risks, and integrate analytics into compliance remediation efforts.

In this chapter “The Role of Compliance Data Analytics in Monitorships," featured in GIR’s Guide to Monitorships - Fourth Edition, FRA experts Jenna Voss, Samantha Hsu, Andrew Petryszak and Jorge Lopes explore regulatory mandates, insights on seamless integration of data analytics into compliance processes, and best practices for leveraging data analytics within compliance programs. As government oversight intensifies, the imperative for organizations to embrace data analytics in compliance becomes paramount, with regulatory expectations centered on adept utilization of tools to proactively identify and mitigate risks.

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