Our business is designed to provide the best possible support for clients and their legal advisers engaged in complex cross-border high stakes disputes.

Our multi-disciplinary team with backgrounds in business, finance and information technology as well as auditing and accounting provides expert services and consulting on:

  • Company, project and contract valuations;
  • Accounting misstatements and audit malpractice;
  • Investigations and asset tracing; and
  • Financial services including capital markets, derivatives and structured products”

We support organizations and their legal counsel at all points of the litigation life cycle, often in high-stakes or bet-the-company matters, from preparing economic damages and quantum models to serving as expert witnesses in courts around the world.

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Our professionals bring a wealth of experience across industries and jurisdictions to commercial and international arbitration matters including serving as experts for parties and for the arbitral panel. Our professionals across the US, the UK and Europe have the expertise needed to assist parties throughout the arbitration life cycle, including assessing the items in dispute and in preparing expert reports and providing testimony to the panel. Whether the matter involves a commercial dispute in Texas or an international dispute in South Africa, we can help. We understand the complexities often involved in international commercial arbitration and in investment treaty arbitration, especially as it relates to damages and valuations that are involved in many such proceedings, including those involving highly regulated industries such as financial services and oil & gas. Our professionals have experience assisting in the resolution of these disputes around the world.
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Litigation Support

Whether it is a bet-the-company matter or simply a case that benefits from sector or geographical forensic capabilities, we have the expertise to help at any and all points of the litigation life cycle. Our team of forensic accountants, eDiscovery professionals, economic damages experts, accounting and audit experts and other professionals are adept at analyzing and assessing the complexities of your specific case and providing the appropriate level of assistance or expert service. Our professionals have been engaged on litigation matters involving the world’s largest professional services firms, and Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, covering a wide range of industries. Our teams are adept at preparing damages/quantum models and providing related expert testimony. We can provide the expertise and support for the most significant and sensitive matters, including those requiring the management of international data privacy laws and restrictions. A sample of services and support we can provide include:
  • Expert witness services
  • Consulting expert services
  • eDiscovery consulting services
  • Early case assessments
  • Forensic accounting
We provide these services in connection with a variety of matters, including: • Audit and accounting malpractice • Contract disputes • M&A disputes • Economic damages • Intellectual property • Investigations • Lost profits • Regulatory compliance • Securities litigation • International arbitration • Antitrust • White-collar crime
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M & A Disputes

While not all transactions involve a dispute, those that do often involve significant matters requiring relevant expertise to resolve appropriately. Our professionals are experts in assisting parties in resolving all manner of M&A disputes, whether serving as an expert for one party or serving as the neutral accountant in providing expert determinations. FRA Partner, Jerry Hansen, has literally “written the book” on M&A disputes - M&A Disputes: A Professional Guide to Accounting Arbitrations. Due to the opaque nature of many M&A dispute resolution proceedings (e.g., they are not arbitration or litigation) the right experience and expertise is critical to a successful dispute resolution process. We can assist with post-closing M&A disputes, including fraud and indemnity claims. When it comes to M&A disputes, we have the world covered. Our professionals have been involved with dispute matters related to transactions ranging from $2 million to $2 billion, involving parties in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Russia. We can assist transaction parties and their counsel through the entire M&A life cycle. A sample of services and support which we can provide relating to M&A assistance include: • Purchase price disputes • Leakage disputes • Transaction fraud investigations • Indemnity claims • Economic damages • Rep and warranty insurance claim disputes • Earn-out calculations and disputes • Pre-closing transaction agreement assessments • Closing statement and objection notice assistance • Breach of contract
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Our Team

FRA Jerry Hansen
Jerry Hansen, Partner
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Rob Mason, banking expert, finance expert
Rob Mason, Partner
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