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We are Data Governance and Forensic consultants and offer extensive multi-jurisdictional data privacy, transfer and protection expertise in order to assist our clients in achieving their objectives with compliance, litigation and investigations.

The past half dozen years have seen a clear emergence of conflicting global trends affecting data privacy protection. These all place strict limitations on the transfer of data across national borders, with increasingly severe criminal penalties and civil fines for violations, making cross-border eDiscovery particularly challenging.

We work in partnership with in-house and external counsel to offer customized discovery workflow design, management and reporting.  We provide assurance by placing controls over data access and proactively eliminating the risk of leaks and hacking in high stake litigation and investigations.  We support and advise clients when categorizing the scope, identifying volume, and preparing a defensible eDiscovery strategy to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

We also implement measures to ensure data is retained only as long as necessary to limit future discoverability in the event of new investigations or litigation.

As an independent specialist firm, we are nimble, flexible and mobile and able to set up in any jurisdiction within days.

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Our Approach

Our approach typically allows for the identification, analysis and review of data in country, and if appropriate, production of data via an agreed mechanism to relevant government agencies, plaintiff's counsel, etc.
We typically work alongside local data protection legal specialists, in-house counsel, in-house privacy offers, data protection regulators and external counsel to develop the most effective, efficient and lawful approach.
We are able to add layers of security depending on the nature and sensitivity of the data, allow for pre-culling of personal data (as appropriate), and allow different access rights to control access to key or sensitive information.
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What Makes Us Different

Technology Solutions

Our Technology Solutions and Forensics experts merge extensive hands-on experience with the business acumen needed to leverage customized tools in their best application to address clients’ unique data governance risks and challenges.
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Global Mobile Discovery Solution

Our full-service Mobile Discovery Solution offers a scalable end-to-end mobile processing and review platform capable of handling complex project requirements and can be installed on-site independently or in a client infrastructure anywhere in the world. For the highest levels of data security, our mobile discovery solution can be air-gapped to restrict any outside access.
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Global Data Centers

We have state of the art data centers around the world that meet or exceed Tier III standards in North America, UK, Continental Europe and Canada. Our data centers are secured to the highest of standards to mitigate cyber breach risks. We have also achieved our Cyber Essentials Plus certification.
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Security Confidence

Privilege protections differ significantly from country to country. Privilege asserted on certain documents must be carefully defined according to the rules in the jurisdiction(s) in question, and the eDiscovery processes and controls must be set accordingly. We assist our clients throughout the data governance process to ensure that all privilege data is properly withheld and secured.
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Independent Specialist Firm

As an independent specialist firm, we are nimble, flexible and mobile and able to set up in any jurisdiction within days. We have worked in more than 75 countries across both developed economies and emerging markets with globally integrated, multi-lingual teams who are experts in handling data governance issues.
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Our Team

Frances McLeod, Founding Partner
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Greg Mason, data protection expert
Greg Mason, Founding Partner
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