of the top 15 FCPA profit disgorgement cases
of the top 15 FCPA settlements
Currently retained in relation to 9 different US DOJ compliance monitorships
As specialists in cross-border litigation and multi-jurisdictional investigations, we have extensive experience helping international companies respond to regulatory investigations, conduct internal investigations, and resolve disputes.

We are experts in analyzing large, complex transactional data sets, with experience working on projects encompassing decades of data and transactions. We have delivered critical evidence to regulators and clients that rely on our experience in complex, long-tail transactional analysis, Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) investigations, disputes, regulatory probes, disgorgements, sanctions, debarment, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and terror financing cases.

As a global leader in the industry, we provide the skills and knowledge required to advise our clients regarding data issues which arise from regional data protection as well as state and commercial secrecy laws. We have substantial experience in evaluating companies’ systems of internal controls and their books and records to provide useful analysis and recommendations for improvement.

While we have in-house financial and accounting expertise, we do not offer traditional financial audit or accounting advice and generally have no conflicts. Moreover, we are regularly appointed as independent monitors by regulators or clients in order to evaluate and test the effectiveness of compliance programs.

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What Makes Us Different

Integral Forensic Expertise

We advise international companies in all areas of white-collar crime and fraud, from preventive compliance activities to enforcement responses, investigations and post-enforcement compliance improvements. Our team comprises experienced forensic accountants, financial analysts, former investment bankers, attorneys, software engineers and certified computer examiners.
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Data Privacy and Governance Expertise

In an investigation, strategic decisions made today on data management must consider ramifications and regulatory uncertainties in future phases of an investigation. We offer particular experience assisting companies and their legal teams in addressing multi-jurisdictional conflicting data protection issues in a forensic investigation. In our 20 years of delivering bespoke eDiscovery solutions, we have become experts in establishing hosting platforms and servers worldwide and guiding clients from the data mapping phase, to collection, preservation and transfer. We also implement measures to ensure data is retained only as long as necessary to limit future discoverability in the event of new investigations or litigation.
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Experience Before Authorities

We understand what approaches regulators and enforcement authorities will accept, and/or have accepted in the past. We have made dozens of written and in-person presentations to regulators around the world, providing evidence to courts, tribunals, regulators and prosecutors to quantify losses, gains, solvency and viability.
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In-house Digital Forensics Team

Our Digital Forensics Team have expertise conducting digital forensic and intrusion investigations into complex global matters, including theft of intellectual property, external cyber-attacks, insider threat and data manipulation.
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Our Team

Drew Costello
Drew Costello, Partner
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Stacy Fresch, forensic accountant
Stacy Fresch, Partner
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Emma Hodges fra, forensic accountant
Emma Hodges, Partner
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Neil Keenan
Neil Keenan, Partner
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Yousr Khalil, forensic accountant
Yousr Khalil, Partner
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Charlie Patrick
Charlie Patrick, Partner
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Derek Patterson
Derek Patterson, Principal
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Jenna Voss
Jenna Voss, Partner
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Trevor Wiles
Trevor Wiles, Partner
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Rik Workman, Partner
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